Wyne Kirabo

Wyne Kirabo is a clothing brand, created in Uganda and based in Catalonia

to dress elegant and empowered women.

We based all our passion on offering a journey

where exclusivity, quality and values

are merged through the union

of cultures.

Beyond the pride of dressing women

we believe and we return to society

through supporting social projects on ground.


This makes our design pieces,

transcend their functional purpose

and provide an emotional connection 

between you and the people we support

throughout our social values


Wyne Kirabo was founded

by Winnie Kirabo Namatovu

and Gerard Porta in 2015. 

The creative designer majored in fashion design, patternmaking and tailoring

from University of Girona

after her diploma in Micro Finance 

from Kyambogo University Uganda.

Gerard Porta has a degree in education

and biology studies from the University of Girona.

With a strong artistical familiar bakground

from both sides,

they are starting to create their own space

based on soul, beauty and rigor. 


Our mission is to make the dream

of mixing cultures naturally 

through dressing you

with quality, exclusivity, soul and values.

We believe there are no boundaries 

when we meet at the point of equilibrium.



Through Wyne Kirabo social we support Ugandan girls and boys who cannot go to school. 

Our conditions for the child and her/his family:

- The child must take the studies seriously.

- The family of the child must do something positive for the community where they are living. 

Everything is monitorized monthly by our partners in Uganda.

WKsocial also brings spanish teachers to Uganda to exchange educational knowledge and practice skills with ugandan teachers.